Liberty Pole Spirits

Family owned and operated, Liberty Pole Spirits pays tribute to the role the Whiskey Rebellion plays in Western Pennsylvania’s history. During the Whiskey Rebellion, when citizens opposed the excise tax on whiskey, they demonstrated their opposition by planting liberty poles throughout the county.

James and Ellen Hough (and their children) have earned their reputation for excellent craftsmanship in distilling. We are honored to have them participate as partners in our project. The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation became familiar with the Houghs in 2016 and have followed their progress, highlighting their whiskeys at the American Whiskey Convention each year. The family's commitment to using all locally sourced grains and their desire to maintain a connection to Pennsylvania's distilling history made them a perfect choice for a donation from the SeedSpark Project .

Liberty Pole Spirits received a shipment of approximately 600 pounds of Keystone Rosen rye on September 28, 2020. The grain they received was harvested and dried at Delaware Valley University and cleaned at Double Eagle Malthouse. On Sept 29th, the team at Liberty Pole Spirits began "mashing in" and by October 2nd, the first batch of Keystone Rosen rye to be made in western Pennsylvania since before Prohibition was being barreled. The resulting aged whiskey will likely be available to the public in 2022. 

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