Liberty Pole Spirits

On September 28, 2020, a shipment of over 400 pounds of Keystone Rosen rye was delivered to Mingo Creek Distillery, maker of Liberty Pole Spirits. The grain was cleaned and shipped by Double Eagle Malt House in Huntingdon Valley, Pa. The donation was made by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation. 

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Their process

Liberty Pole Rye Whiskeys are made with a traditional process, which makes Mingo Creek Distillery's contribution to the SeedSpark Project very advantageous. Their use of a traditional copper pot still and their commitment to preserving historic methods allows us to see the how Keystone Rosen rye behaves under those circumstances.

Each distillery participating as a partner in the SeedSpark Project  was chosen to highlight different aspects of the grain and how it can best be utilized.

Images of Process- LPS Rosen rye whiskey

Liberty Pole Spirits'
Keystone Rosen Rye Whiskey

The raw distillate completed its final spirit run on October 7, 2020. The final distillate filled one 53 gallon barrel. The whiskey will age for at least 2 years and be ready in October 2022 at the earliest.