Seed Spark Project

Created by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation to restore long-lost heritage grains to the Delaware Valley and throughout Pennsylvania, generating  economic opportunities for our local farms and agricultural communities.

The Story of
Rosen Rye

A Pennsylvania Story

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Rosen Rye in PA Michter's Whiskey

"From the fertile farms of America come the carefully slected Number One quality grains: from the lake-studded Michigan, the hearty dry flavor of Rosen Rye,..." 

Historic Reference to Rosen Rye

Sept 3, 2019

Mashing Day

Nearly 600 lbs of  Rosen rye provided by the Delaware Valley Fields Foundation and partner, Penn State, was added to about 300 lbs of  locally grown corn and 100lbs of malted barley to create the mash for Stoll & Wolfe's Rosen rye whiskey. The grains simmered and stirred within the mashtun and filled the distillery with the delicious aroma of warm bread...  

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September 7, 2019

Distillation Day

For the first time in over 50 years, Dick Stoll transferred his Rosen rye sweet mash into his still to begin the distillation of Keystone Rosen rye "new make" spirit. The "candy-coated rye" flavors of the white rye whiskey that would be produced that afternoon were not only reminicient of the whiskeys Mr.Stoll made long ago, but also showed off the potential in heritage grains for Pennsylvania distillers and the farmers that will grow them in the years to come.

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Nosing and Tasting
Keystone Rosen Rye Whiskey

Lisa Roper Wicker

We were priviledged to have expert distiller and distillery consultant, Lisa Roper Wicker, at the SeedSpark event on September  7th at Stoll & Wolfe Distillery. She was thrilled with the clarity and nuanced flavor in the Rosen Rye new make whiskey.
"It tastes like rye that's been rolled in sugar," she says. "Like candy-coated rye. It's delicious!"