Dick Stoll

Master Distiller

Mr. Stoll was the last member of a near extinguished legacy of distillers pre-dating the country itself; representing generations of dedication, commitment, and skill in hand crafting Pennsylvania whiskey. Trained by Charles Everett Beam in both the Beam Family and Historical Pennsylvania Style, Dick served as Master Distiller of Pennsylvania Michter's where he also distilled the famed A.H. Hirsch Bourbon. 

The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation was largely inspired to grow Rosen rye because Mr.Dick Stoll expressed a desire to distill with it again. He knew the benefits of Rosen rye from his own first hand experience distilling with it all those years ago at Michters (PA). We are indebted to him for his contributions to the SeedSpark Project and are truly blessed to have been able to grow enough Rosen rye seed in time for him to taste it again in his own distillate. 

Tribute Article to Dick Stoll  in Whiskey Advocate Magazine, by Sam Komlenic